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In this paper we discuss two types of band-pass filters at W-band, one is a parallel coupled microstrip band-pass filter and the other is an e-plane metal insert waveguide bandpass filter. The -20dB bandwidth of the parallel coupled microstrip filter is lager than 2.4GHz, while the -20dB bandwidth of the e-plane metal insert waveguide filter is lager than(More)
In the paper, a 11* 11 antenna array of dipole at ka-band was taken as example. Through theoretically analyzing the main sources of amplitude-phase error of phased array calibration in mid-field, the result shows that the error is within the available range and proves the feasibility of this method.
In this paper, two kinds of Ka-band dual-polarized microstrip antenna are designed. Both the two antennas use a multi-layer dielectric, and the substrate is Teflon. Through the comparison between the two kinds of the aperture, at last come out with the better one, which can achieve high-isolation and low cross-polarization level. For the dual polarization(More)
Broadcast preamble such as the P1 symbol in DVB-T2 carries signalling to inform the receivers of the transmission mode and ease initial synchronization. However, all the existing preamble schemes based on the channel correlation of adjacent frequencies may fail to work in practical channel conditions. In this paper, we propose a preamble scheme for OFDM(More)
A planer micro-strip to waveguide transition structure is given in this paper. Coupled patch on the bottom of the substrate is excited by the micro-strip feed-line on the top, which realizes the transformation from the TE<sub>10</sub> mode in the waveguide to the quasi-TEM mode on the micro-strip line. Modeling and simulation of the structure are conducted(More)
This paper focuses on the noise temperature measurement for terahertz mixers. The basic principle of Y-factor method is introduced, which could be used to obtain the noise temperature as well as the conversion loss of a mixer. In order to reflect the noise temperature more accurately, the Rayleigh-Jeans law is corrected considering higher-order components(More)
In this paper, a Ka-band dual-polarized microstrip antenna is designed with an &#x201C;hour glass&#x201D; shaped aperture. The antenna uses a multi-layer dielectric, and the medium is Teflon. For the dual polarization ports, the isolation between the horizontal and vertical ports of the antenna unit is better than 50dB. The cross isolations of horizontal(More)
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