Chengqian Xu

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Fermionic alkaline-earth atoms have unique properties that make them attractive candidates for the realization of atomic clocks and degenerate quantum gases. At the same time, they are attracting considerable theoretical attention in the context of quantum information processing. Here we demonstrate that when such atoms are loaded in optical lattices, they(More)
The uniqueness of the binary sequence pair with two- level autocorrelation functions (BSPT) is put forward in the paper and proved by using mathematic tools, which is of great importance in guaranteeing receiving uniquely when applying BSPTs. Some construction methods of BSPT are given. The infinite families of BSPTs are presented by applying construction(More)
This paper proposes a new construction method of binary sequence pair sets with zero correlation zone (ZCZ) in which the correlation functions of sequence pairs are zero, based on difference set pair, a new concept of combinatorial mathematics. With the extension of sequence length, the sets achieve the theoretical upper bound. These ZCZ sequence pairs can(More)