Chengqian Wang

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In an effort to develop novel potent antitubercular drugs, thirty-one oridonin derivatives were designed and prepared. All the compounds obtained were screened for their in vitro activities against Mycobacterium phlei, Mycobacterium smegmatis and Mycobacterium marinum. Among them, thirteen compounds showed significant inhibitory activity against M. phlei(More)
A series of novel hybrids from natural product oridonin and nitrogen mustards were designed and synthesized to obtain more efficacious and less toxic antitumor agents. The antiproliferative evaluation showed that most conjugates were more potent than their parent compounds oridonin and clinically used nitrogen mustards against four human cancer cell lines(More)
A group of 3'-epi-neoponkoranol analogs with different hydrophobic substituents attached at 3'-position of side chain moiety were designed and synthesized in order to further improve the inhibitory activities against α-glucosidases. Biological evaluation of these compounds revealed that sulfonium salts attached with ortho-substituted benzyl groups showed(More)
P2Y12 receptor becomes a favorable target for therapeutic antiplatelet agents. Reversible P2Y12 receptor antagonists have more benefits than the irreversible ones on rapid absorption, onset of action and higher inhibition of platelet aggregation. As potent reversible P2Y12 receptor antagonists, piperazinyl-glutamate-pyridines exhibit a significant(More)
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