Chengpeng Zhang

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Fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs) in polymer optical fibres (POFs) have been used to measure the strain in a woven textile. FBGs in both POFs and silica optical fibres were attached to a woven textile specimen, and their performance characterised. It was demonstrated that the POF FBGs provide improved strain transfer coefficients and reduce local structural(More)
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) has been a powerful tool for applications including single molecule detection, analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, medical diagnostics and bio-sensing. Especially, flexible SERS substrates are highly desirable for daily-life applications, such as real-time and in situ Raman detection of chemical and biological(More)
Let S be a Riemann surface of type (p, n) with 3p−3+ n > 0. Let ω be a pseudo-Anosov map of S that is obtained from Dehn twists along two families {A, B} of simple closed geodesics that fill S. Then ω can be realized as an extremal Teichmüller mapping on a surface of type (p, n) which is also denoted by S. Let φ be the corresponding holomorphic quadratic(More)
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