Chengming Liu

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We present a method for deducing interpolating subdivision schemes from known approximating subdivision scheme which generates curves and blending subdivision schemes. We make use of the connection between the approximating subdivision schemes and interpolating subdivision schemes to produce a blending subdivision scheme that integrates interpolating and(More)
Lychee, longan, longli, and rambutan are closely related, commercially important fruit trees in the Sapindaceae family. Longli fruits are morphologically similar to both lychee and longan, displaying a yellow-brown pericarp like longan, and small, sharp protuberances like lychee. These similarities have led to the hypothesis that longli is the result of(More)
Cage-based deformation methods require an enclosing cage to deform a shape, which is not user-friendly. In this paper, we propose holomorphic coordinates that directly take user-specified shape points as handles to produce visually promising conformal deformations for 2D shapes. Based on the theory of holomorphic functions, holomorphic coordinates promise(More)
Yan-Ling Cao • Lı́via Izabela Caputo • Hongyi Cheng • Fausto Moreira da Silva Carmo • Leiliane Campos de Carvalho • Gabriel de Menezes Yazbeck • Zélia de Oliveira Teixeira • Jiaxin Fu • José Antonio Guerrero • Guibing Hu • Jun Li • Zhihua Lin • Chengming Liu • Yun-Guo Liu • Ling-Xiao Liu • Fang Lu • Yuanyuan Mao • Leslie Mariella Montes-Carreto • Diana(More)