Chengming Bai

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In this paper, some left-symmetric algebras are constructed from linear functions. They include a kind of simple left-symmetric algebras and some examples appearing in mathematical physics. Their complete classification is also given, which shows that they can be regarded as generalization of certain 2-dimensional left-symmetric algebras.
We investigate multiple qubit Pauli groups and the quantum states/rays arising from their maximal bases. Remarkably, the real rays are carried by a Barnes-Wall lattice BWn (n = 2m). We focus on the smallest subsets of rays allowing a state proof of the BellKochen-Specker theorem (BKS). BKS theorem rules out realistic non-contextual theories by resorting to(More)
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A non-abelian phase space, or a phase space of a Lie algebra is a generalization of the usual (abelian) phase space of a vector space. It corresponds to a parakähler structure in geometry. Its structure can be interpreted in terms of left-symmetric algebras. In particular, a solution of an algebraic equation in a left-symmetric algebra which is an analogue(More)