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Flexible Piezoresistive Sensor Patch Enabling Ultralow Power Cuffless Blood Pressure Measurement
Noninvasive and real-time cuffless blood pressure (BP) measurement realizes the idea of unobtrusive and continuous BP monitoring which is essential for diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascularExpand
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Gelsolin bound β-amyloid peptides(1-40/1-42): electrochemical evaluation of levels of soluble peptide associated with Alzheimer's disease.
A method for the highly sensitive determination of soluable β-amyloid peptides (Aβ(1-40/1-42)) that employs a detection bioconjugate of HRP-Au-gelsolin as the electrochemical nanoprobe is presented.Expand
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A Mild Method for Surface-Grafting PEG Onto Segmented Poly(Ester-Urethane) Film with High Grafting Density for Biomedical Purpose
In the paper, poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) was grafted on the surface of poly(ester-urethane) (SPEU) film with high grafting density for biomedical purposes. The PEG-surface-grafted SPEU (SPEU-PEG)Expand
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A novel strategy to synthesize anisotropic SmCo5 particles from Co/Sm(OH)3 composites with special morphology
In this study, we report a new strategy for preparing magnetically anisotropic SmCo5 single crystal particles by reductive annealing of precursors with specially designed nanostructures. TheExpand
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Manipulation of morphology and magnetic properties in cobalt nanowires
Ferromagnetic metallic Cobalt nanowires are synthesized by the reduction of carboxylate salts of Co in 1, 2-butanediol using a solvothermal chemical process. In this process, the size and shape ofExpand
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Effect of carbonitride precipitates on the abrasive wear behaviour of hardfacing alloy
Abstract Hardfacing alloy of martensitic stainless steel expect higher abradability to be achieved through the addition of nitrogen being provided by the fine scale precipitation of complexExpand
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Left-Side Bias Is Observed in Sequential Matching Paradigm for Face Processing
The left-side bias refers to how a chimeric face is created from the left side of a face (from the viewer’s perspective) and its mirror image are considered more similar to the original face than aExpand
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Correlation between MODIS aerosol optical depth and air pollution index — A case study of Zhengzhou city in Henan Province, China
The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) sensor on NASA's Terra satellite provides high quality data for retrieval of aerosol optical depth (AOD). Expand
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Nitroxide-mediated polymerization of styrene initiated from the surface of montmorillonite clay platelets
Polymer-grafted montmorillonite (MMT) hybrid composites which possess a hard backbone of MMT and a soft shell of brush-like polystyrene (PSt) were prepared via “grafting from” strategy based onExpand
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