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A software package implementing Schwarz-Christoffel Conformal transformation (or mapping) of doubly connected polygonal regions is fully described in this article from mathematical, numerical, and practical perspectives. The package solves the so-called accessory parameter problem associated with the mapping function as well as evaluates forward and inverse(More)
The issues surrounding teaching object-orientation to novice programmers from day one are revisited first. An analysis is then presented showing the harmfulness of teaching objects-first. The attention then is given to addressing the problems of the current textbooks. Furthermore, a remark is made in comparison between teaching objects-first and Reformed(More)
It is argued that some mathematical skills may be directly linked to learning programming language constructs. It is also argued that problem-solving through programming demands solid foundation in algorithms, and thus should be taught as if it were a process of learning mathematics. An analysis is given showing how mathematical maturity may impact learning(More)
Numerical algorithms are presented for two classical free boundary problems for ideal flow past an obstacle: Helmhotz–Kirchhoff and reentrant jet flows. The Levi–Civita representation of the log-hodograph function is used in each case to derive nonlinear integral equations for the boundary correspondence between the obstacle and the parameter domain. The(More)
Interface, as an object-oriented programming construct, has been one of the most difficult concepts for students to understand and apply properly. Textbooks often only address the shallow side of usefulness of interfaces, and some may even mislead as to when and how an interface should be used. This article argues that the interfaces can only be effectively(More)