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H azard and operability analysis (HAZOP) is widely used in process hazard analysis of chemical processes. But it is time and effort consuming. To aid human experts in conducting HAZOP analysis in a more thorough and systematic way, a software system (PHASuite) for automated HAZOP analysis has been developed. PHASuite can greatly increase the efficiency of(More)
—Survivability has been one of the active fields in network security recently. In order to evaluate the survivability of networked system effectively, this paper proposes a method of combining grey correlation analysis and improved TOPSIS for quantitative assessment. Firstly, it normalizes indicator matrix according to improved TOPSIS method and determines(More)
It is a crucial and fundamental issue to identify a small subset of influential spreaders that can control the spreading process in networks. In previous studies, a degree-based heuristic called DegreeDiscount has been shown to effectively identify multiple influential spreaders and has severed as a benchmark method. However, the basic assumption of(More)
In this paper, we formally define and study the event graph model based on set theory and multi-relations theory, and discuss the methods of modeling event and event relations in detail. The event graph model is mainly designed to extract the potential events and the relationships between events from massive text streams, and further discover the trends(More)