Chengkun Xue

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The nondestructive optical coherence tomography measurement can show the shell-nucleus features, quantify the nacre thickness and thus has the potential to identify or grade the pearls [1]. However, the automated thickness measurement of nacreous layer based on OCT has not been reported. In this article, an automated approach is first time proposed to(More)
In the field of automated home video editing, exploring the dependence relations between who (character) and where (scene) makes great sense to end-users for content selection. However, such techniques have not been well developed in real applications due to their computational intensity. The emerging multi-core architectures provide an opportunity to speed(More)
Optical coherence tomography has important applications in disease diagnosis. In this paper, a novel automated approach is proposed to assess nevus flammeus using OCT raw signal. It uses the signal characteristics of the OCT A-scans, integrated with some pre-process steps and support vector machine (SVM) to diagnose nevus flammeus. The experimental results(More)
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