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It is a trend to use information technology to lead the development of modern agriculture. The IntelliSense Internet of Things will be an important support for intensive, high-yield, high-quality, efficient, ecological security agriculture. In this paper, we give solutions and key technologies of facilities agriculture based on the Internet of Things(More)
In this paper, a novel adaptive bandwidth object tracking using sparse approximation is proposed in mean shift framework. In this framework, occlusion, illumination and other challenging issues are addressed seamlessly in real time through bandwidth approximation. To find the tracking target at a new frame, a two step method is used iteratively to find the(More)
This paper presents a new method to calculate the Euclidean distance among pixels by taking the gray value of a pixel as the distance weight. The energy distribution curve extracted from coherent scatter images with this method. The signal value of the curve has been intensified and the noise has been reduced effectively.
The Deep Web is characterized by its large scale, domain diversity, very high-quality content, and vast heterogeneous collections of structured data. Traditional data integration techniques are no longer valid in the face of such heterogeneity and scale, and the integrated interfaces can become too complicated for ordinary users to use. In this paper, we(More)
A new Gaussian kernel function which called “Accumulating Gaussian kernel” was presented in this paper. The diagnostic x-ray coherent scatter images are a set of patterns of spatial distribution of photon energy, the signal from a coarser scale have to keep the total energy from finer scale. The accumulating Gaussian kernel can decompose the(More)
In this paper, a new method to reduce spectral redundancy with SHIRCT was represented. It was advanced that the compression ratio of SPIHT code with different SHIRCT transformation parameters tends to be equival when the parameter r\ tends to 0. The way of reducing spatial redundancy by using wavelet transformation and the algorithm of image lossless(More)
Based on the latest international CDIO engineering education concept, the correspondence relationship between the four abilities of the Java language teaching target and the CDIO education project idea is analyzed. The Java teaching method based on CDIO engineering education idea is discussed. This teaching method is mainly from the aspects of theoretical(More)
In this paper, an optimized algorithm which combines improved SPIHT algorithm and segmented CABAC algorithm is presented to realize color images lossless compression. At the same time, wavelet transform is used to remove spatial redundancy, and YCoCg spectrum transformation is used to effectively remove spectrum redundancy. Experiment results show that the(More)