Chengjun Xie

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It is a trend to use information technology to lead the development of modern agriculture. The IntelliSense Internet of Things will be an important support for intensive, high-yield, high-quality, efficient, ecological security agriculture. In this paper, we give solutions and key technologies of facilities agriculture based on the Internet of Things(More)
There are many visual tracking algorithms that are based on sparse representation appearance model. Most of them are modeled by local patches with fixed patch scale, which make trackers less effective when objects undergone appearance changes such as illumination variation, pose change or partial occlusion. To solve the problem, a novel appearance(More)
In this paper, we propose a new image and video sequences reconstruction approach, where the Newton-Thiele’s vector valued rational interpolation is combined with the sparse principal component analysis. Through observation of the degraded model, the reconstruction scheme is performed by two steps. Firstly, the sparse principal component analysis and the(More)
When objects undergo large pose change, illumination variation or partial occlusion, most existing visual tracking algorithms tend to drift away from targets and even fail to track them. To address the issue, in this paper we propose a multi-scale patch-based appearance model with sparse representation and provide an efficient scheme involving the(More)
High density elevation data like Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) has been gaining popularity as the preferred high resolution digital surface model for 3D visualization, analysis and integration with other remotely sensed data. At Valtus we have been delivering elevation data in various formats for the oil and gas, environmental and infrastructure(More)
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