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As the Web continues to explode in size, caching becomes increasingly important. With caching comes the problem of cache consistency. Conventional wisdom holds that strong cache consistency is too expensive for the Web, and weak consistency methods such as Time-To-Live (TTL) are most appropriate. This study compares three consistency approaches: adap-tive(More)
Global cooling and the development of continental-scale Antarctic glaciation occurred in the late middle Eocene to early Oligocene (~38 to 28 million years ago), accompanied by deep-ocean reorganization attributed to gradual Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) development. Our benthic foraminiferal stable isotope comparisons show that a large δ(13)C offset(More)
In minimally invasive surgery, steerable needle is needed to perform medical tasks in the deep of a human body. In some cases, a one-direction bendable needle can satisfy actual needs. Therefore, a one-direction bendable articulated needle is proposed in this paper. The proposed needle consists of a beveltip head, articulations, and sections. Articulations(More)
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