Chengjie Li

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This paper studies the effects of the covering layers on the performance of a cross-like Hall plate. Three different structures of a cross-like Hall plate in various sizes are designed and analyzed. The Hall plate sensitivity and offset are characterized using a self-built measurement system. The effect of the P-type region over the active area on the(More)
This work studies the effects of an aluminum covering on the performance of cross-like Hall devices. Four different Hall sensor structures of various sizes were designed and fabricated. The sensitivity and offset of the Hall sensors, two key points impacting their performance, were characterized using a self-built measurement system. The work analyzes the(More)
In this paper, we develop a blind user separation method using charrelation matrix to improve the blind separation performance of DS-CDMA systems. The charrelation matrix, which is off-origin of the Hessian matrix of the second characteristic function, can be considered as a generalization of the covariance matrix. The problem of blind user separation can(More)
To overcome the inter-carrier interference (ICI) of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems due to the carrier frequency offset (CFO), an ICA-based carrier synchronization method is proposed. Independent component analysis (ICA) is also known as blind source separation (BSS), which depends on the independence of source signals to separate(More)
A novel underdetermined blind identification algorithm based on charrelation matrix and tucker decomposition is developed. The charrelation matrix is a generalization of covariance matrix, encompassing statistical information beyond second-order while maintaining a convenient 2-dimensional structure. The core functions of charrelation matrices in different(More)
Today's blind signal separation (BSS) processes are often controlled and supported by information systems. These systems record discrete time-frequency domain information about mixed signal during their executions. So, blind source separation problem (BSS) is transformed into data classification problem. In this paper, a novel Density Clustering algorithm(More)
In order to coordinate the performance loss and PAPR reduction due to the effect of the conventional PAPR reduction scheme, a new peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) reduction and symbol recovery scheme in OFDM system is proposed assisted by precoding and independent component analysis (ICA). The proposed scheme is formulated as the model of the mixture of(More)