Chenghua Tang

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In order to solve the implementation efficiency problem of the network information system security policy, an improved object-oriented Rete algorithm and network structure model are proposed. The control methods of the nodes and tokens in the matching algorithm with the pattern join order are studied, that core idea is to use the separate matches to(More)
The scheduling scheme of a switch affects the delay, throughput and fairness of a network and thus has a great impact on the quality of service (QoS). In Part I, we present a theoretical analysis of a burst scheduling for ATM switches and proved QoS guarantees on throughput and fairness of the applications. Here, we use simulation to demonstrate the(More)
More and more Internet services and applications are transferred by the HTTP protocol due to its openness. This brings new challenges to the security management of network boundary. In this paper, a new approach is proposed to detect the pseudo Web behavior which abuses the general HTTP protocol to pass through the network boundary. A new parameter is(More)
For purpose of managing network security policy duly and flexibly in the complex network environment, and resolving its issue efficiency, this paper proposes network security policy self-adaptive management and distribution model. An incident triggered, policy-driven and self-adaptive management mechanism is established, and the impact of safety equipment(More)
Using high-level security policy rules to regulate low-level system, the security management system with a high level of expansibility and flexibility was made. For purpose of managing network security policy duly and flexibly in the complex network environment, and resolving its issue efficiency, a dynamic and self-adaptive security policy realization(More)
Security policy is the core of information system security management. In order to solve the problem of the security policy unified specification description, the classification and normative description are proposed based on the relationship between its object classes, which reflect the network information system and engineering security products and(More)
Security situation is the premise of network security warning. For lack of self-learning on situation data processing in existing complex network, a modeling and analysis of network security situation prediction based on covariance likelihood neural is presented. With the introduction of the error covariance likelihood function, and considering the impact(More)
In order to obtain the large quantities of valuable information on Deep Web, it is required to discover the related individual query interface and design the integrated query interface on which user query request can be submitted. The key challenges are to identify and classify the Deep Web query interface accurately. In view of the regular data of Deep(More)