Chenghua Jiang

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Injuries are a growing public health concern in China, accounting for more than 30% of all Person Years of Life Lost (PYLL) due to premature mortality. This study analyzes the trend and disease burden of injury deaths in Chinese population from 2004 to 2010, using data from the National Disease Surveillance Points (DSPs) system, as injury deaths are(More)
BACKGROUND Given limited health sources, how to make DRGs (Diagnosis Related Groups) more feasible is a big question in developing countries. This study contributes to the debate on how to bridge the pay-for-service and DRGs during the transitional period of payment reform. METHODS From 2008 to 2012, 20740 patients with cirrhosis or duodenal ulcer disease(More)
OBJECTIVES (1) To systematically review peak vertical ground reaction force (PvGRF) during two-leg drop landing from specific drop height (DH), (2) to construct a mathematical model describing correlations between PvGRF and DH, and (3) to analyze the effects of some factors on the pooled PvGRF regardless of DH. METHODS A computerized bibliographical(More)
BACKGROUND China has a competing situation in that the increase of alcohol consumption and the lowering rates of traffic injuries caused by drink driving coexist. In addition, the zero tolerance law was announced in January 2013. Under the above complex background, this study aims to unveil the truth about drink driving and the effects of the related(More)
BACKGROUND Primary health care and patient triage are two basic functions of rural hospitals. As a routine test, the diagnostic radiology is still unavailable in some rural hospitals in China. Therefore, high-level hospitals are often the first choice of rural residents when they feel unwell. It brings serious social problems. This study was designed to(More)
OBJECTIVE With the success of DRGs (Diagnosis Related Groups) in developing countries, this prospective payment system has been imported into China from the early 21(st) century. However, DRGs has been struggling and has made little progress since (its adoption in) 2004. This study contributes to the debate on how to bridge the pay-for-service(More)
A good knowledge of midfoot biomechanics is important in understanding the biomechanics of the entire foot, but it has never been investigated thoroughly in the literature. This study carried out in vitro experiments and finite element analysis to investigate the midfoot biomechanics. A foot-ankle finite element model simulating the mid-stance phase of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between the environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and lung cancer by Meta-analysis. METHODS We used "lung cancer/lung neoplasm", "non-smoking/non-smoker", "China/Chinese", "case-control/case control", "risk factor", "environmental tobacco smoke/passive smoking" as key words, to search papers in databases including(More)
Objective. Existing research shows a serious scarcity of EBPH practice in China and other developing regions; as an exploratory study, this study aimed to assess the current EBPH implementation status in Shanghai of China qualitatively. Methods. Using semistructured key informant interviews, we examined the status of and impediments to the lagging EBPH in(More)
Recent developments in the treatment of HIV-1 have improved the disease prognosis from a terminal disease to a chronic disease. The number of HIV-1-infected patients who require surgery has become more common. The main threat to HIV-1-infected patients following surgery is the development of sepsis. In this study, we collected a large number of clinical(More)