Chengguo Jin

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A breakthrough that has allowed the Internet to expand by five orders of magnitude in size and in backbone speed in the last 15 years was the invention in 1988 by Jacobson of an end-to-end congestion control algorithm in TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) [1]. The algorithm is a distributed and asynchronous method to share network resources among competing(More)
Recently, many studies have been focused on extracting transliteration pairs from bilingual texts. Most of these studies are based on the statistical transliteration model. The paper discusses the limitations of previous approaches and proposes novel approaches called dynamic window and tokenizer to overcome these limitations. Experimental results show that(More)
Bilingual dictionary construction is a time-consuming job; therefore many studies have recently focused on automatically constructing bilingual dictionaries from bilingual texts. In this paper, we propose two novel approaches called dynamic window and tokenizer based on statistical machine transliteration model to efficiently extract English-Chinese(More)
Feasibility of laser-cooling AlCl molecule is investigated using ab initio quantum chemistry. Potential energy curves, permanent dipole moments, and transition dipole moments for the X(1)Σ(+), a(3)Π, and A(1)Π states are studied based on multi-reference configuration interaction plus Davidson corrections (MRCI+Q) method with ACVQZ basis set, spin-orbit(More)
Ab initio calculations for three low-lying electronic states (X(2)Σ(+), A(2)Π, and 2(2)Π) of MgCl and MgBr molecules, including spin-orbit coupling, are performed using multi-reference configuration interaction plus Davidson correction method. The calculations involve all-electronic basis sets and Douglas-Kroll scalar relativistic correction. Spectroscopic(More)
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