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Studies on lycopene synthesis in Escherichia coli were not only able to gain the strains with high yield and less by-products, but also able to test functions of genes or gene clusters. In this article, the cDNA sequences of tomato LeGGPS2 and LePSY1 as well as the coding sequence of crtI from Erwinia uredovora, each of which was added a ribosome biding(More)
Numerous studies have reported on the heat-inducible deletion of a marker gene in plant transformation. However, these deletions seldom display manifestations that are visible to the naked eye to easily identify whether excision has occurred. In this study, an isopentenyl-transferase (ipt) gene from Agrobacterium tumefaciens was adopted to render abnormal(More)
We identified a novel member of the metallothionein (MT) family, Cucumis sativus metallothionein-like 2 (CsMTL2), by screening a young cucumber fruit complementary DNA (cDNA) library. The CsMTL2 encodes a putative 77-amino acid Class II MT protein that contains two cysteine (Cys)-rich domains separated by a Cys-free spacer region. We found that CsMTL2(More)
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