Chengfang Yang

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Sulfate, a major component of acid mine drainage (AMD), its migration in an AMD-affected river which located at the Dabaoshan mine area of South China was investigated to pursue the remediation strategy. The existing factors of relatively low pH values of 2.8-3.9, high concentrations of SO4(2-) (∼1940 mg L(-1)) and Fe(3+) (∼112 mg L(-1)) facilitated the(More)
Soil heavy metal contamination is a major environmental concern, especially soil affected by acid mine drainage (AMD), and attention about potential ecological risk associated with heavy metals is increasing. Heavy metal contents of soil samples collected from 6 sites alongside Hengshi River were analyzed to investigate the contamination degree of heavy(More)
Dissolved organic matter (DOM) is an important factor influencing mineral biogeochemistry, although the role of labile DOM in the release of chromium (Cr) from schwertmannite, a mineral with high surface area, is unclear. In this study, the interaction of DOM with synthetic CrO-schwertmannite was investigated to better understand the potential fate of Cr in(More)
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