Chengfa Wang

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Effect of induced surface charge of metal particles on particle sizing by Resistive Pulse Sensing (RPS) technique is reported in this paper. The relationship between the magnitude of the RPS signal and the applied voltage was experimentally studied with 5 μm polystyrene particles and 5 μm magnetic particles in a microfluidic chip. It is shown that the(More)
A novel method of sheathless particle focusing by induced charge electrokinetic flow in a microchannel is presented in this paper. By placing a pair of metal plates on the opposite walls of the channel and applying an electrical field, particle focusing is achieved due to the two pairs of vortex that constrain the flow of the particle solution. As an(More)
In this paper, a new approach named environmental discrimination learning (EDL) is proposed to remove the effects of the environment noises including the additive noise and the channel distortions. This method optimizes the environment parameters by the minimum classification error (MCE) criterion which trains the parameters of a given class dependently on(More)
This paper presents a novel watermarking technique for digital audio signals. A visually recognizable binary image served as a watermark is embedded into an audio signal in discrete cosine transform domain. In order to enhance robustness and make good use of masking characteristics of the audio signal, the techniques of pseudo-random permutation and(More)
This paper addressed the problem of Out-Of-Vocabulary (OOV) utterance detection in small vocabulary telephone keyword spotting system. We propose a new approach for modeling OOV words in the scenario of a small vocabulary of telephone keyword spotting system. The paper adopt the semi-continuous Hidden Markov Model with multiple codebooks to modeling the(More)
The electrokinetic motion of a negatively charged spherical particle at an oil-water interface in a microchannel is numerically investigated and analyzed in this paper. A three-dimensional (3D) transient numerical model is developed to simulate the particle electrokinetic motion. The channel wall, the surface of the particle and the oil-water interface are(More)
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