Chengdong Liu

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The goal of this study was to systematically evaluate the molecular activities of endocrine-, amino acid and peptide transporters-, and metabolic enzyme-related genes in 35-day-old mixed-sex zebrafish (Danio rerio) after feeding . Zebrafish with initial body weights ranging from 9 to 11 mg were fasted for 384 h in a controlled indoor environment. Fish were(More)
The receptor-tyrosine kinase Ror2 acts as an alternative receptor or co-receptor for Wnt5a and mediates Wnt5a-induced convergent extension movements during embryogenesis in mice and Xenopus as well as the polarity and migration of several cell types during development. However, little is known about whether Ror2 function is conserved in other vertebrates or(More)
Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) has become a worldwide problem that draws the attention of people from all racial and ethnic groups. The number of deaths caused by ADRs has greatly increased and led to many drug withdrawals in the last decades. Recent research findings indicate that most ADRs can be effectively prevented to some extent by using computeraided(More)
Aberrant regulation of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF)/insulin (IIS)-PI3K-AKT-TOR signaling pathway is linked to major human diseases, and key components of this pathway are targets for therapeutic intervention. Current assays are molecular target- or cell culture-based platforms. Due to the great in vivo complexities inherited in this pathway, there(More)
Soybean saponin (SA) is known as a major anti-nutritional factor that causes metabolic disturbances and growth reduction in fish. However, the mechanisms underlying these effects were far from fully understood. In particular, the influences of SA on nutrient sensing and downstream metabolic pathways remain largely unexplored. Using zebrafish as an animal(More)
The growth and developmental rate of developing embryos and fetus are tightly controlled and coordinated to maintain proper body shape and size. The insulin receptor substrate (IRS) proteins, key intracellular transducers of insulin and insulin-like growth factor signaling, play essential roles in the regulation of growth and development. A short isoform of(More)
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