Chengcheng Xu

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BACKGROUND The human coagulation trigger tissue factor (TF) is overexpressed in several types of cancer and involved in tumor growth, vascularization, and metastasis. To explore the role of TF in biological processes of lung adenocarcinoma, we used RNA interference (RNAi) technology to silence TF in a lung adenocarcinoma cell line A549 with high-level(More)
The activating immunoreceptor NKG2D (natural killer group 2, member D) and its ligands play important roles in the innate and adaptive immune responses. UL16-binding protein 3 (ULBP3), an NKG2D ligand, is overexpressed on certain epithelial tumor cells. In this study, we investigated the effect of ULBP3 expression on the cytotoxic activity of natural killer(More)
Deep packet inspection (DPI) is widely used in content-aware network applications to detect string features. It is of vital importance to improve the DPI performance due to the ever-increasing link speed. In this demo, we propose a novel DPI architecture with a hierarchy memory structure and parallel matching engines based on memory-centric FPGA. The(More)
Increasing evidence suggests the association between obesity and bone metabolism. However, whether excessive fat accumulation has a beneficial or adverse effect on bone health remains controversial. Chemerin is a novel adipocyte-derived hormone and a chemoattractant cytokine that regulates adipogenesis. This study was performed to investigate the(More)
Parasite-derived molecules with immunomodulatory properties, which have been optimised during host-parasite co-evolution, exhibit potential applications as novel immunotherapeutics. We have previously demonstrated that Schistosoma japonicum HSP60-derived peptide SJMHE1 induces CD4+CD25+ regulatory T-cells (Tregs) and that adoptively transferred(More)
This study aimed to develop a real-time crash risk model with limited data in China by using Bayesian meta-analysis and Bayesian inference approach. A systematic review was first conducted by using three different Bayesian meta-analyses, including the fixed effect meta-analysis, the random effect meta-analysis, and the meta-regression. The meta-analyses(More)