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Artificial Fish Swarm is a kind of swarm intelligence algorithm, which focuses on the behavior of individual fishes and information interactions among them during foraging and preying on something in real environment. A novel Artificial Fish Swarm Optimization Algorithm Aided by Ocean Current Power (abbreviation for AFSAOCP) is proposed, which assumes the(More)
Satellite attitude accuracy is an important factor affecting the geometric processing accuracy of high-resolution optical satellite imagery. To address the problem whereby the accuracy of the Yaogan-24 remote sensing satellite's on-board attitude data processing is not high enough and thus cannot meet its image geometry processing requirements, we developed(More)
The design of optoelectronic integrated transmitter and receiver for plastic optical fiber(POF) communication applications realized in 0.5μm BCD (Biplor, CMOS and DMOS) process is presented in the report. The hybrid on-chip integrated transmitter includes a driver with temperature compensation of modulation current and a bonded 650nm resonant cavity(More)
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