Chengchen Gao

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This paper reports a monolithic integration multi-functional MEMS sensor for acceleration and pressure measurement based on cavity SOI wafer. The piezoresistive sensor uses a beam-block-membrane structure which is not only sensitive to acceleration, but also can be used as a gauge pressure transducer to detect low pressure. A miniature absolute pressure(More)
This paper presents a capacitive MEMS accelerometer with highly symmetric sandwich structure (Glass-Si-Glass). In order to get highly symmetric beam-mass structure (silicon middle-layer), a double-device-layer SOI (D-SOI) wafer, which has identical buried oxides (BOX) and device layers on both sides of a thick handle layer was adopted in fabrication. The(More)
Thermal stress and device bending have significant effect on the performance of MEMS sensors. In this paper, a MEMS sandwich differential capacitance accelerometer with low-stress package is presented. The accelerometer is based on a thin silicon middle layer which has been bonded with two glass electrode plates. A metal hermetic package case is used for(More)
In this paper, we report a novel water transfer printing method, which can transfer chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene from copper foil to 3D surface. By the aid of surface tension and Van der Waals force, multilayer graphene film can be transferred to various substrates with smooth surface including glass sheet, colophony filament, silicon oxide(More)
This paper presents a novel design of the highly symmetric beam-mass structure for out-of-plane differential capacitance accelerometer. In this design, the thick proof mass is mirror symmetrically suspended by eight L-shape beams form both top and bottom sides. By this approach, the sensing mode of the accelerometer is successfully decoupled from other(More)
This paper presents a novel method to manufacture specific cross-section microchannel by spinning profiled fiber. With spinning process, High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) fibers with high profile degree can be drawn from a shaped spinneret orifice, and those fibers act as sacrificial mold to build microchannel with specific cross-section in PDMS. Microchannels(More)
3D system-in-package has recently been considered a major enabler for high density and heterogeneous microsystem integration. We hereby proposed the concept of a unified micromachining and packaging platform based on LTCC (low temperature cofired ceramic) material system and process, which is implemented by first enhancing an existing LTCC hybrid IC(More)
This paper demonstrates a five layers wafer level packaging. This technology has been specially developed for chip scale atomic clock system package. It includes a sealed vapor cell and two supports for vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers and photodetector. The sealed cavity is achieved by Glass-Silicon-Glass (G-S-G) anodic bonding with high(More)
This paper shows measurement of very low speed air flow with a new sensor. This micro-machined sensor contains two monolithically integrated orthogonal cells making it prospective to realize three-dimensional (3D) detection of the direction and velocity of air flow at one point. Each cell (vent) has a five-wire configuration, formed by five resistive beams(More)
In this paper, we present the theoretical analysis and calculation results for characterization of a graphene diaphragm applied for capacitive ultra-low pressure sensor structure, where a few layers of graphene diaphragm with radius of 8 µm and total thickness of 2 nm, the graphene diaphragm is suspended over a circular cavity. In this paper, the(More)