Chengchang Zhang

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Multi-FPGA systems have tremendous potential, providing a high-performance computing substrate for many different applications. These systems harness multiple FPGAs, connected in a fixed pattern, to implement complex logic structures. In order to use such a system effectively, it is a key for constructing a good performance hardware platform. The(More)
The Tracking, Telemetry and Command (TT&C) systems for space vehicle had gone through two main stages, which were separate systems and carrier unified systems, now its developing trend is advanced Spread Spectrum Unified TT&C(SS-UTTC) systems. The delay-locked is a key technique of Tracking, Telemetry and Command (TT&C) systems. This paper gives(More)
Abstract—The free distance of (n, k, l) convolutional codes has some connection with the memory length, which depends on not only l but also on k. To efficiently obtain a large memory length, we have constructed a new class of (2k, k, l) convolutional codes by (2k, k) block codes and (2, 1, l) convolutional codes, and its encoder and generation function are(More)
Some methods of fabrication make it economically attractive to construct counters (and other devices) by connecting sets of identical flip-flops(FFs), if the FFs have a common clock input, the state transitions of the whole counters are as rapid as the state transitions of each FFs, so that the counter is further restricted to be synchronous. In order to(More)
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