Chengbin Li

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The Al siting in the ZSM-5 zeolite was investigated by (27)Al 3Q MAS NMR spectroscopy and QM/MM calculations. It was found that the occupation of the framework T-sites by Al and the concentration of Al in these T-sites are neither random nor controlled by a simple rule. They both depend on the conditions of the zeolite synthesis. At least 12 out of the 24(More)
We study single-shot damage morphology of MgF2 irradiated under 800 nm laser using scanning electronic microscope (SEM). The dependence of damage threshold on laser pulse width is measured by the linear relationship between the area of damage spot and the logarithm of laser energy. The pulse duration ranges from 55 fs to 750 fs. We develop the(More)
The characteristics of Brillouin scattering spectrum has been analyzed. The nonlinear least square algorithm based on Levenberg-Marquardt has been researched. In view of the characteristics that Brillouin frequency spectrum shows a Lorentzian distribution, Lorentzian curve fitting was achieved based on Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least square algorithm in(More)
With SWOT analysis method, advantage and disadvantage, chance and threat of developing productive service in Shenyang will be analyzed by this paper, indicating that developing productive service industry on the basis of High-Tech is significant for upgrading of industrial structure in old industrial bases. On that basis, this paper continues to bring(More)
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