Chengai Zhao

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Although biodegradable amphiphilic block copolymer micelles have been widely applied in the clinical applications as drug delivery nanocarriers, low-efficiency cellular internalization frequently reduces therapeutic efficacy of the loaded drugs. Here, photothermal effect-promoted cellular internalization of finely tuned thermo-responsive amphiphilic(More)
Direct encapsulation of hydrophobic drugs into amphiphilic block copolymer micelles is frequently subjected to low drug loading efficiency (DLE) and loading content (DLC), as well as lower micellar stability and uncontrollable drug release. In this report, we prepare the copolymer prodrugs (PPEMA-co-PCPTM) via reversible addition-fragmentation chain(More)
The genus Gnaphalium, a herb distributed worldwide, comprises approximately 200 species of the Compositae (Asteraceae) family that belongs to the tribe Gnaphalieae. Some species are traditionally used as wild vegetables and in folk medicine. This review focuses on the phytochemical investigations and biological studies of plants from the genus Gnaphalium(More)
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