Cheng-yi Zhang

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Forest soil organic carbon is an important component of global carbon cycle, and the changes of its accumulation and decomposition directly affect terrestrial ecosystem carbon storage and global carbon balance. Climate change would affect the photosynthesis of forest vegetation and the decomposition and transformation of forest soil organic carbon, and(More)
The most advanced UV-vis and IR NLO materials are usually borates and chalcogenides, respectively. But thioborates, especially thio-borometalates, are extremely rare. Here, four new such compounds are discovered by solid state reactions representing 0D structures constructed by isolated BQ3 trigonal planes and discrete MQ3 pyramids with Ba(2+) cations(More)
The controlled growth and alignment of one-dimensional organic nanostructures at well-defined locations considerably hinders the integration of nanostructures for electronic and optoelectronic applications. Here, we demonstrate a simple process to achieve the growth, alignment, and hierarchical patterning of organic nanowires on substrates with controlled(More)
Using the device for ion velocity imaging, the laser frequency is doubling with the wavelength in the region of 492-523 nm, and the laser after frequency doubling was used as the light source. The ion spectrum of methyl iodide parent molecular (CH3 I+) in the range of 76 500-81 120 cm(-1) was obtained by the way of two-photon ionization, with a very(More)
The effect of arc plasma ionization on its temperature diagnosis by the measurement of the refractive index is discussed. The refractive index of arc plasma in two conditions is compared: 1) only the first ionization is considered and 2) both the first and second ionizations are considered. In order to facilitate plasma temperature reconstruction, two(More)
New quaternary tellurides, Cs(2)Ge(3)M(6)Te(14) (M = Ga, In), were discovered by solid-state reactions. These compounds crystallize in space group P3ml (No. 164), with a = b = 8.2475(2) Å, c = 14.2734(8) Å, and V = 840.82(6) Å(3) (Z = 1) for Cs(2)Ge(3)Ga(6)Te(14) (1) and a = b = 8.5404(2) Å, c = 14.6766(8) Å, and V = 927.07(6) Å(3) (Z = 1) for(More)
In this paper, the equivalent particle number density distribution of gas and plasma flow fields is investigated. For the purpose of facilitating comparison, argon gas and argon arc plasma are chosen as practical examples for experiment. The equivalent particle number density distributions of the argon gas and argon arc plasma are reconstructed from the(More)
To accurately interpolate the missing precipitation data from meteorological observation stations within a region to obtain a complete precipitation series is of significance in improving the spatial and temporal resolution in analyzing the effects of climate change. By using spatial correlation and stepwise regression techniques, this paper interpolated(More)
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