Cheng-shan Wang

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Diagenetic effect during burial on the hydroxyapatite in enamel and dentin from fossil human and animal teeth was examined, using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). For the enamel and dentin of all fossil teeth, XRD patterns exhibit bulge line and overlap between major reflections of hydroxyapatite, and the(More)
This study describes the change of organic degradation capability and soluble microbial products (SMP) generated in activated sludge under continuous exposure to Zn (II) in a sequencing batch reactor (SBR). In 338 days of operation, the added Zn (II) concentrations were gradually increased from 50 to 100, 200, 400 to 600 and 800 mg/L. Results showed that(More)
This paper proposes and discusses a novel AC/DC converter suitable for small-scaled wind power generation system applications. By introducing flyback cells into the three-phase single-switch Boost circuit, the proposed converter is designed as single-stage and has both rectification and high step-up power conversion functions. It is able to obtain high(More)
In this paper, an isolated multi-resonant three-port bidirectional direct current-direct current (DC-DC) converter is proposed, which is composed of three full bridges, two inductor-capacitorinductor-capacitor (LCLC) multi-resonant tanks and a three-winding transformer. The phase shift control method is employed to manage the power transmission among three(More)
High-performance processor architectures are moving toward the integration of more processing cores on a single chip. PCs and parallel computer systems will have higher computing performance. It is very meaningful for power system simulation, online stability assessment and control. But traditional serial and parallel software can not fully exploit(More)
In this paper, a two-stage three-port isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter (BDC) for hybrid energy storage system (HESS) applications in DC microgrids is proposed. It has an enlarged zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) region and reduced power circulation loss. A front-end three-phase interleaved BDC is introduced to the supercapacitor (SC) channel to compensate(More)
In this paper, an interleaved high-power zero-current-switching (ZCS) onboard charger (OBC) based on the three-phase single-switch buck rectifier is proposed for application to plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). The multi-resonant structure is used to achieve high efficiency and high power density, which are necessary to reduce the volume and weight of the(More)
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