Cheng-Yuan Ku

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Mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important in business. This trend is particularly evident in the service industry. To cope with this demand, various platforms have been proposed to provide effective mobile commerce solutions. Among these solutions, wireless application protocol (WAP) is one of the most widespread technical standards for mobile(More)
In order to provide enhanced medication safety for inpatients, the medical mechanism which adopts the modified grouping proof protocol is proposed in this paper. By using the grouping proof protocol, the medical staffs could confirm the authentication and integrity of a group of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags which are embedded on inpatient(More)
Previous literature suggests that various factors play crucial roles in the adoption of an information system; however, there is little empirical research about the factors affecting adoption of data warehouse technology, particularly in a single information technology intensive industry. In this study, we used a survey to investigate the factors(More)
This paper considers access control in a target multiserver loss queue fed by a set of upstream parallel multiserver loss queues and by a stream of new customers. The target queue faces a choice of how many servers to reserve for each stream. Revenue is gained by each station when it serves a customer, but the amount of revenue at the target queue depends(More)
This paper considers access control policies in multiserver loss queues in series such as might arise in the context of computer and telecommunication networks. Each queue is presented with both served upstream customers and Poisson arrivals from outside the network, and it may route serviced customers out of the network or to the downstream queue. Service(More)
With the international reform in medical management systems gaining ground worldwide, hospital management has gradually begun to shift its focus from providing expensive medical treatment to improving medical service quality and patient safety. In this study, we discuss the application of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and data integrating technology(More)
Purpose – To provide an overview of E-supply chain management (E-SCM) initiatives, focusing on the evolution and technological drivers of moving to the web. This paper also provides a framework and analysis of current efforts in the automotive, financial services, retail, technology, and transportation sectors. Design/methodology/approach – The paper uses a(More)