Cheng-Yuan Ko

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In this paper, we propose a background subtraction based method using only two commodity cameras to detect user’s location with very low complexity computation and calibration free. According to the experimental result, the correlation coefficient of distance and the reciprocal of disparity is up to 0.9985. Proposed algorithm can provide user’s depth(More)
In recent years, depth sensors, such as Kinect provides new opportunities for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). However, for more universalization of depth sensors in consumer electronics, the cost of the sensors should be considered. In this paper, we proposed an algorithm for 3D hand localization by two commodity low cost webcams. Because of the noise(More)
DSP/IC LAB, Graduate Institute of Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University {mpemial, ztdjbdy, kevin, penal, lgchen} Do not type page numbers; Full papers are limited to 3 (minimum) to 5 (maximum) pages. Abstract This paper provides 2D to 3D conversion system based on dark channel prior. This method has low computation and high(More)
Stereoscopic 3D displays are widely applied for home entertainments. However, some viewers complain uncomfortable 3D perception when they watch 3D contents. For generating comfort stereoscopic 3D contents, we proposed three qualitative models for measuring the discomfort. Three experiments for 1) limitation of the viewing angle 2) variance of the viewing(More)
In order to improve 3D viewing experience, we proposed stereoscopic image adjustment algorithm. We first adopted absolute disparity remapping for specific viewing distance, and then applied image resizing to deal with inconsistency of monocular cues and binocular cues. Compared with conventional image rendering, our proposed algorithm can reduce distortion(More)
In this paper, we propose an algorithm using only two commodity webcams without any calibration to detect the distance between users and the display. According to the experimental results, the error is always less than 2cm and the operation range is up to 406cm. Our proposed algorithm can provide users' depth information with high accuracy from calibration(More)
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