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The emergence of Web 2.0 technology provides more opportunities to foster online communication and sharing in an e-learning environment. The purpose of this study was to develop a Web 2.0 annotation system, MyNote, based on the Web 2.0 core concepts which emphasize ease of access and active sharing and then to gain an understanding about people's(More)
Flip-chip is a solution for designs requiring more I/O pins and higher speed. However, the higher speed demand also brings the issue of signal skew. In this paper, we propose a new 3-stage design layout methodology for flip-chip considering signal skew. Firstly, we produce an initial bumper signal assignment, and then solve the flip-chip floorplanning(More)
In this paper, we show that anisotropic photosensitive nematic liquid crystals (PNLC) made by incorporating anisotropic absorbing dyes are promising candidates for constructing all-optical elements by virtue of the extraordinarily large optical nonlinearity of the nematic host. In particular, we have demonstrated several room-temperature 'prototype'(More)
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