Cheng-Yu Lin

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Participatory phone sensing is a new sensing paradigm that asks volunteers to contribute their phones’ sensing capabilities and gather, analyze, and share local knowledge about their surroundings. While most existing participatory phone sensing systems are standalone structures without cross-system integration, in this study, we propose a novel Comfort(More)
A pay load-analysis approach to identification and measurement of peer-to-peer (P2P) network services is proposed. The proposed approach effectively and efficiently identifies the complicated traffic caused by P2P network services. The feature extraction, pay load analysis and dynamic measurement are the three pillars of the proposed approach. The dynamics(More)
BACKGROUND Gastric hepatoid adenocarcinoma (GHA), a rare type of primary gastric cancer, is characterized by hepatocellular carcinoma-like histology. As details of this disease remain unknown, the aim of this study was to evaluate the clinicopathological features of GHA. METHODS From January 2001 to December 2010, 4563 patients were diagnosed with primary(More)
With the advances in wireless communications and GPS technology, there is increasing interest in the field of location-aware services. Because of the proliferation of GPS-enabled devices and applications, in this study, we address the scalability issue in trajectory data management. Specifically, we propose a scheme called Inter-Frame Coding (IFC) for(More)
Mobile location sensing applications (MLSAs) represent an emerging genre of applications that exploit Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and facilitate location-based services. The design of MLSAs must incorporate a tradeoff between information accuracy and energy efficiency because GPS technology and data communications are energy expensive and(More)
This brief presents the design of a novel low-electromagnetic interference DC–DC step-up (boost) switching converter for portable applications. The converter can switch between pulsewidth modulation and pulse-frequency modulation modes for different load conditions, and uses a new ultralow-current spread spectrum frequency modulator to reduce the harmonic(More)
Recent extreme rainfall events led to many landslides due to climate changes in Taiwan. How to effectively promote post-disaster treatment and/or management works in a watershed/drainage basin is a crucial issue. Regarding the processes of watershed treatment and/or management works, disaster hotspot scanning and treatment priority setup should be carried(More)
The comfort of rides has been identified as one of the top criteria that affects passengers' satisfaction with public transportation systems. Conventional comfort measurement approaches rely on professional measure tools or interviews from passengers, which are costly, time-consuming, and not yet feasible. The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is a new(More)
How hepatatitis C virus (HCV) infection affects the interplay among abundant adipokines in the host remains unclear. A prospective study was conducted with 450 consecutive genotype 1 (G1) and G2 HCV patients who completed a course of anti-HCV therapy and underwent pre-therapy and 24-week post-therapy surveys to assess various profiles and levels of abundant(More)