Cheng-Yu Fan

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pinal epidural lipomatosis is defined as pathological overgrowth of the normally presented extradural fat and often causes dural impingement. Symptomatic epidural lipomatosis was first described by Lee et al. 1 in 1975 in a patient after renal transplantation. Subsequent reports on this rare clinical entity also implicated the administration of steroid as(More)
Novice learners demonstrate marked difficulty in using reading-study systems to read academic textbooks. One notable problem is that the process and constructed knowledge is complex. Novice learners are required to exert considerable effort in applying the process and in remembering the knowledge, resulting in lower motivation and fewer cognitive resources(More)
Numerous studies have proved that graphic strategies, such as graphic organization and concept mapping, can facilitate improving reading comprehension. However, the question as to what graphic strategies can improve argumentative essay reading comprehension ability is not yet resolved. To determine whether graphic strategies can improve students’ reading(More)
—Annotation is a frequently used learning skill. When taking note, the reader only focuses on partial content of a topic or a segment. The note would be non-organized and piecemeal. Therefore, the relationship between topic and annotation would be lost or indirect including the relationship among annotations. Thus, because of the dispersion of annotations,(More)
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