Cheng-You Chen

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Tumor recurrence and metastasis result in an unfavorable prognosis for cancer patients. Recent studies have suggested that specific microRNAs (miRNAs) may play important roles in the development of cancer cells. However, prognostic markers and the outcome prediction of the miRNA signature in breast cancer patients have not been comprehensively assessed. The(More)
Human safety and well-being is threatened by microbes causing numerous infectious diseases resulting in a large number of deaths every year. Despite substantial progress in antimicrobial drugs, many infectious diseases remain difficult to treat. Antimicrobial polymers offer a promising antimicrobial strategy for fighting pathogens and have received(More)
This paper presents a novel real-time impedance sensing chip for the evaporation detection of small volume solutions. Time sharing detection is performed for multiple sample measurements by a relay switching technique. In contrast to a conventional weight loss approach, the advantage of this proposed impedance sensing system is that it not only merely(More)
BACKGROUND Apurinic/apyrimidinic (abasic/AP) sites are among the most common endogenous DNA lesions. AP sites, if not repaired, could result in genomic instability as well as chromosome aberrations. Information regarding the direct assay of the number of abasic sites in human leukocytes and its association with risk of breast cancer has not been reported.(More)
This paper describes a novel real-time impedance chip for the detection of squalene-water emulsion phase separation. Each impedance chip contains eight pairs of indium tin oxide microelectrode arrays for detecting eight samples, and six chips can be connected with the switch relay to measure 48 samples in the system simultaneously. The proposed impedance(More)
This paper describes the method of a novel impedance-based platform for the detection of the evaporation rate. The model compound hyaluronic acid was employed here for demonstration purposes. Multiple evaporation tests on the model compound as a humectant with various concentrations in solutions were conducted for comparison purposes. A conventional weight(More)
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