Cheng-Yao Hung

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In this paper, a sensorless speed controller for linear induction motor (LIM) is developed based on a fuzzy observer. First, the LIM is represented by a T-S fuzzy model. Next, the fuzzy observer is constructed to estimate the immeasurable states including the mover speed and secondary flux, where the observer gains are obtained by computationally solving a(More)
This paper introduces a fuzzy virtual reference model (FVRM) synthesis method for linear induction motor (LIM) speed sensorless tracking control. First, we represent the LIM as a Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model. Second, we estimate the immeasurable mover speed and secondary flux by a fuzzy observer. Third, to convert the speed tracking control into a(More)
—This paper proposes a novel robust adaptive speed/ position tracking control for a linear induction motor (LIM) with both end-effect and secondary resistance unknown. The practical current-fed controlled LIM, with residual current error, is considered , i.e., the traditional ideal current-loop assumption is relaxed. More practical conditions, such as(More)
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