Cheng Yang

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BACKGROUND Allergic disease can be characterized as manifestations of an exaggerated inflammatory response to environmental allergens triggers. Mite allergen Der-p2 is one of the major allergens of the house dust mite, which contributes to TLR4 expression and function in B cells in allergic patients. However, the precise mechanisms of Der-p2 on B cells(More)
Flexible asymmetric supercapacitors with excellent electrochemical performance and aesthetic property are realized by using ultrathin two-dimensional (2D) MnO2 and graphene nanosheets as cathode and anode materials, respectively. 2D MnO2 nanosheets (MSs) with a thickness of ca. 2 nm are synthesized with a soft template method for the first time, which(More)
Objective. To detect the effect of selenium-enriched garlic oil (Se-garlic oil) against cytotoxicity induced by ox-LDL in endothelial cells. Methods. Se-garlic oil was extracted by organic solvent extraction. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was used to detect the content of allicin in the Se-garlic oil. Hydride generation atomic fluorescence(More)
N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET) is one of the important emerging contaminants that are being increasingly detected in reclaimed water as well as in drinking water sources. However, DEET is refractory to conventional biological treatment and pure ozone which is absent of hydroxyl radical. Current researches on the efficient removal of DEET are still quite(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) nanometal scaffolds have gained considerable attention recently because of their promising application in high-performance supercapacitors compared with plain metal foils. Here, a highly oriented nickel (Ni) nanowire array (NNA) film was prepared via a simple magnetic-field-driven aqueous solution deposition process and then used as(More)
Electrically small antennas (ESAs) are becoming one of the key components in the compact wireless devices for telecommunications, defence, and aerospace systems, especially for the spherical one whose geometric layout is more closely approaching Chu's limit, thus yielding significant bandwidth improvements relative to the linear and planar counterparts. Yet(More)
Fractal metallic dendrites have been drawing more attentions recently, yet they have rarely been explored in electronic printing or packaging applications because of the great challenges in large-scale synthesis and limited understanding in such applications. Here we demonstrate a controllable synthesis of fractal Ag micro-dendrites at the hundred-gram(More)
Direct printing nanoparticle-based conductive inks onto paper substrates has encountered difficulties e.g. the nanoparticles are prone to penetrate into the pores of the paper and become partially segmented, and the necessary low-temperature-sintering process is harmful to the dimension-stability of paper. Here we prototyped the paper-based circuit(More)
—With the renewed application of millimeter technology in remote sensing, radio astronomy, and meteorological satellite, millimeter wave antennas of electrically large aperture are frequently deployed. Shaping techniques are accordingly developed to meet different requirements. In this paper, a shaping technique for the scanning reflector antenna system of(More)