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The neuroanatomical architecture is considered to be the basis for understanding brain function and dysfunction. However, existing imaging tools have limitations for brainwide mapping of neural circuits at a mesoscale level. We developed a micro-optical sectioning tomography (MOST) system that can provide micrometer-scale tomography of a centimeter-sized(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The desert legume genus Ammopiptanthus comprises two currently endangered species, A. mongolicus and A. nanus. Genetic variability and genetic differentiation between the two species and within each species were examined. METHODS Inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) marker data were obtained and analysed with respect to genetic(More)
Revealing neural circuit mechanisms is critical for understanding brain functions. Significant progress in dissecting neural connections has been made using optical imaging with fluorescence labels, especially in dissecting local connections. However, acquiring and tracing brain-wide, long-distance neural circuits at the neurite level remains a substantial(More)
Microneme protein 8 (MIC8) is considered a new essential invasion factor in Toxoplasma gondii. In the present study, a deoxyribonucleic acid vaccine expressing MIC8 of T. gondii was constructed and the immune response it induced in Kunming mice was evaluated. The gene sequence encoding MIC8 was inserted into the eukaryotic expression vector pVAX I, and the(More)
Sanitary sewage can create serious environmental problems if discharged directly into natural waters without appropriate treatment. This study showed that red light is the optimum light wavelength for growing microalgae Chlorella vulgaris in microalgae biological wastewater treatment systems, given a harvest time of 144 h. Only moderate light intensities(More)
Digital reconstruction of three-dimensional (3D) neuronal morphology from light microscopy images provides a powerful technique for analysis of neural circuits. It is time-consuming to manually perform this process. Thus, efficient computer-assisted approaches are preferable. In this paper, we present an innovative method for the tracing and reconstruction(More)
Greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions from constructed wetlands (CWs) can mitigate the environmental benefits of nutrient removal because reduced water pollution could be replaced by emission of GHG. Therefore, the GHG (CO(2) and CH(4)) fluxes of vertical subsurface flow constructed wetlands (VSSF CWs) under different influent C/N ratios of synthetic municipal(More)
Component fingerprints are a recognized method used worldwide to evaluate the quality of traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs). To foster the strengths and circumvent the weaknesses of the fingerprint technique in TCM, spectrum-effect relationships would complementarily clarify the nature of pharmacodynamic effects in the practice of TCM. The application of(More)
JEL classification: E44 F20 F34 G1 Keywords: International capital flows Hot money Crisis transmission Banking globalisation Kalman filter A B S T R A C T This paper investigates the relative importance of hot money in bank credit and portfolio flows from the US to 18 emerging markets over the period 1988–2012. We deploy state-space models à la Kalman(More)
Spontaneous low-frequency fluctuations (LFF) in the blood-oxygenation-level-dependent (BOLD) functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) signal have been shown to reflect cerebral spontaneous neural activity. The objective of this study was to explore brain functional changes in patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) by measuring the amplitude of(More)