Cheng-Wei Chang

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BACKGROUND Categorizing protein-encoding transcriptomes of normal tissues into housekeeping genes and tissue-selective genes is a fundamental step toward studies of genetic functions and genetic associations to tissue-specific diseases. Previous studies have been mainly based on a few data sets with limited samples in each tissue, which restrained the(More)
BACKGROUND The accuracy of quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) is highly dependent on reliable reference gene(s). Some housekeeping genes which are commonly used for normalization are widely recognized as inappropriate in many experimental conditions. This study aimed to identify reference genes for clinical studies through microarray meta-analysis of(More)
Relevance feedback is a critical component when designing image databases. With these databases it is difficult to specify queries directly and explicitly. Relevance feedback interactively learns a user’s desired output or query concept by asking the user whether certain proposed images are relevant or not. For a learning algorithm to be effective, it must(More)
To investigate the association and magnitude of risk between JIA, its associated treatment and cancer development in Taiwanese children. Nationwide population-based 1:4 age- and gender-matched retrospective cohort study was designed using the National Health Insurance Research Database of Taiwan. A cohort of 2,892 children <16 years old with JIA was formed(More)
BACKGROUND We sought to examine whether type 2 diabetes increases the risk of acute organ dysfunction and of hospital mortality following severe sepsis that requires admission to an intensive care unit (ICU). METHODS Nationwide population-based retrospective cohort study of 16,497 subjects with severe sepsis who had been admitted for the first time to an(More)
Over the past decade, gene expression microarray studies have greatly expanded our knowledge of genetic mechanisms of human diseases. Meta-analysis of substantial amounts of accumulated data, by integrating valuable information from multiple studies, is becoming more important in microarray research. However, collecting data of special interest from public(More)
A correspondence between the problem of twodimensional digital least-metric (DLM) tting and data detection in serially concatenated systems in digital communication theory is described. Nearly optimal detection algorithms based on recent advances in iterative detection/decoding are applied to the DLM problem for two applications in digital image(More)
Cordyceps sinensis (CS) has been commonly used as herbal medicine and a health supplement in China for over two thousand years. Although previous studies have demonstrated that CS has benefits in immunoregulation and anti-inflammation, the precise mechanism by which CS affects immunomodulation is still unclear. In this study, we exploited duplicate sets of(More)
Introduction. According to the recommendation of the United States Preventative Services Task Force, most countries provide average-risk screening for colorectal cancers (CRCs) between the ages of 50 and 75 years. However, the age range of screening should be modified because of an increasing life span. Methods. Totally 124,314 CRC cases were registered in(More)
BACKGROUND Variance in microarray studies has been widely discussed as a critical topic on the identification of differentially expressed genes; however, few studies have addressed the influence of estimating variance. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS To break intra- and inter-individual variance in clinical studies down to three levels--technical,(More)