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The mapping of functional genes plays an important role in studies of genome structure, function, and evolution, as well as allowing gene cloning and marker-assisted selection to improve agriculturally important traits. Simple sequence repeats (SSRs) developed from expressed sequence tags (ESTs), EST-SSR (eSSR), can be employed as putative functional marker(More)
In this paper, we focus on the networking-theoretic multicast capacity for both random extended networks (REN) and random dense networks (RDN) under Gaussian Channel model, when all nodes are individually power-constrained. During the transmission, the power decays along path with the attenuation exponent α > 2. In REN and RDN, n nodes are randomly(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have reported CD44 expression played an important role in the development and progression of tumor. The aim of study was to investigate whether single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of CD44 gene were associated with risk of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), survival and occurrence rate of bone metastasis in patients with(More)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology where a reader device can "sense'' the presence of a close by object by reading a tag device attached to the object. To guarantee the coverage quality, multiple RFID readers can be deployed in the given region. In this paper, we consider the problem of activation schedule for readers in a multi-reader(More)
In recent years, uses of environment friendly and biodegradable natural insecticides of plant origin have received renewed attention as agents for vector control. The aim of this research was to determine larvicidal activity of the essential oil derived from roots of Saussurea lappa (Compositae) and the isolated constituents against the larvae of the(More)
In our screening program for new agrochemicals from Chinese medicinal herbs and wild plants, Zanthoxylum schinifolium essential oils were found to possess strong insecticidal activity against the maize weevil Sitophilus zeamais. The essential oils of Z. schinifolium fruits and leaves were extracted via hydrodistillation and investigated by GC and GC-MS.(More)
Cotton is the leading fiber crop worldwide. Gossypium barbadense is an important species of cotton because of its extra-long staple fibers with superior luster and silkiness. However, a systematic analysis and utilization of cDNA sequences from G. barbadense fiber development remains understudied. A total of 21,079 high quality sequences were generated from(More)
We study the multicast capacity for hybrid wireless networks consisting of ordinary ad hoc nodes and base stations under Gaussian Channel model, which generalizes both the unicast and broadcast capacities for hybrid wireless networks. Assume that all ordinary ad hoc nodes transmit at a constant power P, and the power decays along the path, with attenuation(More)
This paper presents the design of the cognitive automobile in Munich. The focus of the capabilities shown here is the navigation on highways and rural roads. The emphasis on higher speed requires early detection of far field objects, so a multi focal active vision with gaze control is essential. For increased robustness lidar range sensors are combined with(More)
Pt nanoparticles of 2-3 nm and 5-6 nm in diameter were loaded into stable, porous, and phosphorescent metal-organic frameworks (MOFs 1 and 2) built from [Ir(ppy)(2)(bpy)](+)-derived dicarboxylate ligands (L(1) and L(2)) and Zr(6)(μ(3)-O)(4)(μ(3)-OH)(4)(carboxylate)(12) secondary building units, via MOF-mediated photoreduction of K(2)PtCl(4). The resulting(More)