Cheng Thao

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In an integrated development environment, the ability to manage the evolution of a software system in terms of logical abstractions, compositions, and their interrelations is crucial to successful software development. This paper presents a novel framework and infrastructure, <i>Molhado</i>, upon which to build <i>object-oriented</i> software configuration(More)
Researchers in Web engineering have regularly noted that existing Web application development environments provide little support for managing the evolution of Web applications. Key limitations of Web development environments include line-oriented change models that inadequately represent Web document semantics and in ability to model changes to link(More)
XML has become the standard document representation for many popular tools in various domains. When multiple authors collaborate to produce a document, they must be able to work in parallel and periodically merge their efforts into a single work. While there exist a small number of three-way XML merging tools, their performance could be improved in several(More)