Cheng-Tai Wu

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A novel macrocyclic molecule, cucurbit[7]uril (CB[7]) was for the first time employed as an additive in capillary electrophoresis (CE). In similarity to other macrocyclic molecules, such as crown ethers, cyclodextrins (CDs) and calixarenes, CB[7] can form inclusion complexes with a variety of guest molecules due to its inner cavity. Thus, it can be used(More)
Several acyclic and macrocyclic polyamines were evaluated for their ability to cleave DNA. 1,7-Dimethyl-1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane (DMC) could hydrolyze double-strand DNA at a concentration of 25microM. pH 7.2 was the optimal condition to cleave DNA in the presence of DMC. Supercoiled DNA hydrolytic cleavage by DMC was supported by the evidence from(More)
In this paper, perhydroxyl-cucurbit[6]uril ((HO)(12)CB[6]) was, for the first time, grafted to silica gel as a hydrophilic-interaction chromatographic stationary phase. Several alkaloids were used as probes to investigate the retention mechanism on the new stationary phase. The effect of mobile phase variables such as acetonitrile content, ionic strength(More)
For analytes involved in dynamic equilibrium processes, capillary electrophoresis is a powerful method of determining binding constants. In this work, the complex formation between cucurbit[n]uril (CB[n] n = 6, 7) and some amino compounds was studied by capillary electrophoresis in aqueous formic acid (65% v/v). Four groups of positional and structural(More)
Within the context of strategic interaction, we provide a unified framework for analyzing information, knowledge, and the “stable” pattern of behavior. We first study the related interactive epistemology and, in particular, show an equivalence theorem between a strictly dominated strategy and a never-best reply in terms of epistemic states. We then explore(More)
This paper presents the simulation results of a large-scale offshore wind farm (OWF) connected to the point of common coupling (PCC) of Taiwan Power System using a commercial power-system simulation software. The ultra-high-voltage buses of an onshore substation in Changhua near the potential OWF are properly selected as the connection points. The voltage(More)
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