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The ALOHA and Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) protocols have been proposed for packet radio networks (PRN). However, CSMA/CD which gives superior performance and has been successful applied in local area networks cannot be readily applied in PRN since the locally generated signals will overwhelm a remote transmission, rendering it impossible to tell(More)
Because of the popularity of portable devices and wireless LANs based on IEEE 802.11 standard, the mobility in wireless network environment become more important. There are two important issues to be addressed in order to support real-time service across wireless networks. One is high transmission data rate; the other is low handoff delay latency. In this(More)
SUMMARY In highly reliable communication network design , disjoint paths between pairs of nodes are often needed in the design phase. The problem of finding k paths which are as diverse as possible and have the lowest total cost is called a k-best paths problem. We propose an algorithm for finding the k-best paths connecting a pair of nodes in a graph G.(More)
Many energy efficient routing protocols have been proposed in sensor networks for different scenarios and various applications in literature. One of the efficient way is to group sensors in the neighboring into clusters and send aggregate data by a designated cluster head. However, such design discipline still can not balance the energy consumption of the(More)
An adaptive multiagent reinforcement learning method for solving congestion control problems on dynamic high-speed networks is presented. Traditional reactive congestion control selects a source rate in terms of the queue length restricted to a predefined threshold. However, the determination of congestion threshold and sending rate is difficult and(More)
In this paper, we propose a rate-controlled service discipline for supporting B-ISDN services. According to our approach, traj)lc streams from dl~erent connections can be well regulated at the output of each node based on their rate requirements. Moreover, trajic envelope ofa connection inside the network can be effectively characterized. By assuming a(More)