Cheng-Shong Wu

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The ALOHA and Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) protocols have been proposed for packet radio networks (PRN). However, CSMA/CD which gives superior performance and has been successful applied in local area networks cannot be readily applied in PRN since the locally generated signals will overwhelm a remote transmission, rendering it impossible to tell(More)
To investigate risk factors for breast cancer in Taiwan, a low-incidence area, a case-control study was conducted. This comprised 244 subjects with diagnosed and pathologically confirmed breast cancer (age range 20-80 years) and 450 female ophthalmology outpatients as controls. Univariate and multiple logistic regression analysis suggests that breast cancer(More)
Many energy efficient routing protocols have been proposed in sensor networks for different scenarios and various applications in literature. One of the efficient way is to group sensors in the neighboring into clusters and send aggregate data by a designated cluster head. However, such design discipline still can not balance the energy consumption of the(More)
As a failure occurs, the affected traffic is quickly rerouted to backup paths for a network performing a fast protection scheme. Such a prompt reaction is aimed to reduce the damages caused by a failure. However, in some cases, the rerouted traffic may cause congestion along the backup paths which would lead to more packet losses than purely discarded(More)
In this paper, we consider the working VP and backup VP routing problems jointly and employ the integer programming based approach to maximize the system resource utilization and the network survivability. The VP planning problem is formulated as a nonlinear combinatorial optimization problem. The objective function minimizes the resource usage while(More)