Cheng-Shang Chang

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Motivated by recent development in high speed networks, in this paper we study two types of stability problems: (i) conditions for queueing networks that render bounded queue lengths and bounded delay for customers, and (ii) conditions for queueing networks in which the queue length distribution of a queue has an exponential tail with rate. To answer these(More)
We show the existence of effective bandwidths for mtdticlass Markov fluids and other types of sources that are used to model ATM traffic. More precisely, we show that when such sources share a buffer with deterministic service rate, a constraint on the tail of the buffer occupancy distribution is a linear constraint on the number of sources. That is, for a(More)
The theory of large deviations provides a simple unified basis for statistical mechanics, information theory and queueing theory. The objective of this paper is to use large deviation theory and the Laplace method of integration to provide an simple intuitive overview of the recently developed theory of effective bandwidth for high-speed digital networks,(More)
Based on a decomposition result by Birkhoff and von Neumann for a doubly substochastic matrix, in this paper we propose a scheduling algorithm that is capable of providing service guarantees for input-buffered crossbar switches. Our service guarantees are uniformly good for all non-uniform traffic, and thus imply 100% throughput. The off-line computational(More)