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Dissolved hydrogen is a symbol gas decomposed by power transformer oil for electrical faults such as overheat or partial discharges. A novel D-shaped fiber Bragg grating (D-FBG) sensor is herein proposed and was fabricated with magnetron sputtering to measure the dissolved hydrogen concentration in power transformer oil in this paper. Different from the RI(More)
Heavy ice coating of high-voltage overhead transmission lines may lead to conductor breakage and tower collapse causing the unexpected interrupt of power supply. The optical load cell applied in ice monitoring systems is immune to electromagnetic interference and has no need of a power supply on site. Therefore, it has become a hot research topic in China(More)
A novel sensor used in detection of hydrogen concentration dissolved in transformer oil was proposed based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG). Palladium was introduced as hydrogen sensitive material and silver was alloyed to improve permeability in hydrogen sensitive layer. Meanwhile membrane of titanium was fabricated for enhancing the adhesion between fiber and(More)
Dispersion stability of nanoparticles in the liquid media is of great importance to the utilization in practice. This study aims to investigate the effects of mechanical dispersion method on the dispersibility of functionalized TiO2 nanoparticles in the transformer oil. Dispersion methods, including stirring, ultrasonic bath, and probe processes, were(More)
A highly accurate nephelometric titration method was developed for the quantitative analysis of phenytoin sodium injection and tablets. The titration operating conditions and the validation of the method were studied. Five batches of phenytoin sodium injection and tablets were determined by the proposed method and the control experiment methods,(More)
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