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ATM kinase plays a central role in signaling DNA double-strand breaks to cell cycle checkpoints and to the DNA repair machinery. Although the exact mechanism of ATM activation remains unknown, efficient activation requires the Mre11 complex, autophosphorylation on S1981 and the involvement of protein phosphatases and acetylases. We report here the(More)
A collection of 515 rice landraces originating from Vietnam and China were screened for the reaction to brown planthopper (BPH) infestation. Most of the resistant landraces were indica types from Vietnam and the Guangxi province in China. An F(2) mapping population was created from the cross between a BPH resistant Vietnamese landrace Yagyaw and the(More)
Graphene is a single layer of sp(2)-bonded carbons that has unique and highly attractive electronic, mechanical, and thermal properties. Consequently, the potential impact of graphene and its derivatives (e.g., graphene oxide, GO) on human and environmental health has raised considerable concerns. In this study, we have carried out a systematic(More)
AIM To investigate the difference of retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness between Alzheimer's disease patients and normal people, so as to provide clue for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. METHODS The articles on the association of RNFL thickness and Alzheimer's disease were retrieved by searching international and national databases. The(More)
—In this paper, we present a wavelet-based despeckling method for synthetic aperture radar images and derive a Bayesian wavelet shrinkage factor to estimate noise-free wavelet coefficients. To preserve edges during despeckling, we apply a modified ratio edge detector to the original image and use the obtained edge information in our despeckling framework.(More)
JPEG2000 is an emerging standard for still image compression and is becoming the solution of choice for many digital imaging fields and applications. An important aspect of JPEG2000 is its "compress once, decompress many ways" property [1], i. e., it allows extraction of various sub-images (e.g., images with various resolutions, pixel fidelities, tiles and(More)
Epidemiological studies have demonstrated that elevated blood pressure is one of the major risk factors for stroke and coronary heart disease (CHD). A close association between blood pressure and the incidence of cardiovascular diseases is well established if systolic/diastolic blood pressure is above 140/90 mmHg. In recent years, nutraceuticals and(More)
Because steroids and cyclooxygenase inhibitors may cause serious side effects, the IκB kinase (IKK) β/nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) system has become an intriguing candidate anti-inflammatory target. Rhein, the active metabolite of diacerein, possesses anti-inflammatory ability with a gastrointestinal protective effect. However, in a preliminary study, we(More)
AIM White peony root and sulfur fumigated white peony root are produced by different processing methods from the root of Paeonia lactiflora Pall, but the two traditional Chinese medicines are used under the same common name white peony root. In order to clarify the influence of sulfur fumigation on pharmacokinetics of the main monoterpene glucoside(More)
Novel circular ssDNA genomes have recently been detected in animals and in the environment using metagenomic and high-throughput sequencing approaches. In this study, five full-length circular ssDNA genomes were recovered from bat faecal samples using inverse PCR with sequences designed based on circovirus-related sequences obtained from Solexa sequencing(More)