Cheng-Nan Lai

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Efficient methods have been developed for constructing m node-disjoint paths from one source node to other m (not necessarily distinct) destination nodes in an n-dimensional hypercube so that not only is their total length minimized, but their maximal length is also minimized in the worst case, where m ≤ n. For general case, their maximal length is not(More)
This work investigates 2RP-property of a generalized hypercube G. Given any four distinct vertices u, v, x and y in G, let l1 and l2 be two integers such that l1 (l2) is not less than the distance between u and v (x and y), and l1+l2 is equal to the number of vertices in G minus two. Then, there exist two vertex-disjoint paths P1 and P2 such that (1) P1 is(More)