Cheng-Min Lin

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Google's Android Native Development Kit (NDK) is a toolset that lets you embed components to use of native code in your Android applications. It makes possible for developers to easily compile in C/C++ for the Android development platform. Generally, developer does not concern how effective between native code and Dalvik Java code that will causes poor(More)
Although the probabilistic model checking tool called PRISM had been applied in many communication systems, such as wireless local area network, Bluetooth, and ZigBee, the technique is not used in a controller area network (CAN). In this paper, we use PRISM to model the mechanism of priority messages for CAN because the mechanism lets CAN as leader in(More)
Currently, numerous wireless networks had been developed providing various services to promote improved communication quality in our daily lives. The problem of system and network reliability in providing stable services has become more important because these services will be terminated if the system and network reliability is unstable. Mesh networks is(More)
Conventional distributed and domino effect-free failure recovery techniques are inappropriate for mobile computing systems because each mobile host is forced to take a new checkpoint (based on coordinated checkpointing). Otherwise, multiple local checkpoints may need to be stored in stable storage (based on communication-induced checkpointing). Hence, this(More)
Telematics applications are established a vehicle communication environment to merge the information for the traffic safety, road navigation, remote business, A/V entertainment, etc. However, the researches between Google-Android mobile and OBD II/CAN Bus are rarely been discussed in the Android APP. This paper aims to implement an Android-based mobile(More)
It is an important issue that let drivers obtain driving information easily. There are many advanced electronic devices used for driving safety assistance. During driving a car, the driver receives the information passed by these systems. But with more functionality, more and more information will be generated and make the driving environment very(More)