Cheng-Min Feng

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This study uses a dynamic multi-objective programming approach to establish a risk assessment model, and develops an iterative algorithm for the model solution. The results obtained show that the sum of the interactive utility value could determine whether or not the interactive relationship is characterized by independence among negotiators. In addition,(More)
Maximizing transport diversity is critical to the equitable achievement of stakeholder needs. Resource allocation policies help planners decide when and how to invest transportation infrastructure and services. However, policies for improving transport diversity are difficult to design, implement, and quantify because of the uncertainty, feedback(More)
More and more factories operate on a just-in-time basis. In order to shorten planning cycles and minimize inventory levels in the value chain, transportation plays a critical role in the supply chain process. Collaborative Transportation Management (CTM) is based on the interaction and collaboration between trading partners and carriers on the supply chain,(More)
Different transport stakeholders have different needs for transport infrastructure and services. Meeting the needs of all stakeholders implies a trade-off of benefits and costs between supply and demand and creates transport diversity issues. However, the literature has largely ignored these issues. Transport diversity can assess the level to which(More)
Whilst few studies have explored royalty negotiations for build, operate and transfer (BOT) projects, some works have proposed numerous royalty formulas to evaluate royalty amounts or franchise fees for a BOT project. Despite this, the royalty negotiation process is one of the many critical negotiation items of a concession contract. This study not only(More)
In order to gain competitive advantage, container port operators have begun to apply partnering strategies to the integration of the resources of their vertical allies, especially the container carriers. Intelligent management of the involved risk is the core issue in determining an effective partnering strategy. This paper aims to establish a risk analysis(More)
In Taiwan, e-tailers have formed partnerships with third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and convenience stores so that the service of shopping on-line in an electronic store and picking up goods at a convenience store could be quite common and popular these days. This study observes that the e-tailers have more bargaining power at its disposal comparing(More)