Cheng-Lung Tsai

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Taxonomic debates on Neolucanus swinhoei complex consisting of N. swinhoei, N. doro doro, N. doro horaguchii, and N. euganiae, distributed exclusively in Taiwan, have been ongoing for several decades because of their overlapping morphological characters. To clarify their taxonomic status and phylogeographical history, we analyzed nine morphological(More)
Taxonomic debates have been carrying on for decades over Formosan stag beetles, which consist of a high proportion of endemic species and subspecies featuring morphological variations associated with local adaptation. With the influence of periodical Pleistocene glaciations and the presence of several mountain ranges, the genetic differentiation and(More)
Taiwanese species of Mandarella Duvivier are compared on the basis of morphological and molecular evidence. Only three of eleven morphospecies are considered to be valid. Mandarella uenoi (Kimoto, 1969) is transferred from the genus Luperus Geoffroy. Stenoluperus taiwanus Kimoto, 1991 and Stenoluperus kimotoi Döberl, 2001 are synonymized with Mandarella(More)
The yolk protein precursor, vitellogenin (Vg), is absorbed into growing oocytes via receptor-mediated endocytosis for embryonic development. In this study, a Vg receptor (VgR) cDNA of the oriental fruit fly (Bactrocera dorsalis Hendel) was cloned via RT-PCR and RACE (GenBank accession no. KR535603) and its expression analyzed. The BdVgR cDNA has a length of(More)
Recent field surveys show that galls induced by Daphnephila spp. (Cecidomyiidae) on Machilus spp. (Lauraceae) are common in Taiwan, yet only five species, four leaf-gall inducers and one stem-gall inducer on M. thunbergii, have been named in the past. Here we describe a new species, Daphnephila urnicola sp. nov. Chiang, Yang & Tokuda, inducing urn-shaped(More)
We described the cDNA cloning of two antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), cecropin (BdCec), and attacin C (BdAttC), from the oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel), a serious insect pest of fruit trees. Using rapid amplification of cDNA ends, fragments encompassing the entire open reading frames of BdCec and BdAttC were cloned and sequenced. The(More)
A Bactrocera dorsalis hexamerin (BdAr) cDNA was cloned (GenBank accession no. KF815528), and its transcriptional expression profiles were determined. The complete 2,530-bp cDNA encodes a 780-amino acid protein with a predicted molecular mass of 94.01 kDa. The proportions of phenylalanine (7.8%), tyrosine (11.2%), and methionine (2.6%) in BdAr as well as all(More)
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