Cheng-Long Wang

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This study applies variogram analyses of normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) images derived from SPOT HRV images obtained before and after the ChiChi earthquake in the Chenyulan watershed, Taiwan, as well as images after four large typhoons, to delineate the spatial patterns, spatial structures and spatial variability of landscapes caused by these(More)
This study attempts to determine the scale-dependent hierarchical spatial variation and longitudinal distributions of Sicyopterus japonicus year round. The distribution of S. japonicus in the Datuan Stream in northern Taiwan was surveyed during the fall and winter 2007, as well as the spring and summer of 2008. The spatial structure of S. japonicus density(More)
Charge recombination in reaction center of photosystem II (PS II) is regarded as the origination of delayed fluorescence (DF). The mechanism for 730 nm component appearing in the DF spectrum of chloroplast was studied with different spectral analysis methods. Experimental results of the delayed fluorescence spectrum at different chloroplast concentration(More)
Research of the mechanism for delayed fluorescence origin play an important role in the application of DF. Based onthe charge recombination theory, the mechanism for delayed fluorescence origin is theoretically analyzed in this paper. The decay kinetics of DF, depending on the backward transport electron and oxidized state P680+, can be well fitted by(More)
The content of imidacloprid in pesticide is usually measured by high-performance liquid chromatography, which is precise but time-consuming. In the present work the content of imidacloprid in pesticide was measured by infrared spectroscopy with pressing potassium bromide troche (KBr). A comparison of infrared spectra between analytic imidacloprid and(More)
Biological and physical processes operate collaboratively through spatial or temporal scales to form ecological patterns, which are considered as a key element for understanding the natural liens within an ecosystem. Given the importance of scaling in ecological inference, this study elucidates how physical and biological variables under or within scales(More)
Polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) thin-films were made on planar and textured glass substrates by aluminum-induced crystallization (AIC) of in situ amorphous silicon (a-Si) deposited by DC-magnetron. The poly-Si films were characterized by Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). A narrow and symmetrical Ranman peak at(More)
Poly-Si film, due to its favorable piezoresistive properties, has been widely used in piezoresistive sensors. The previous researches have shown that the ultra-thin poly-Si film have better piezoresistive properties than common poly-silicon film, and have promising future of application. A promising method to obtain large grained high quality poly-silicon(More)
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